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The Czychowski's hail from Zdolbunow in the Ukraine.

They emigrated via Danzig on May 29, 1929 aboard the SS Polonia. Helena, Taras, Bill and Marie had a paid passage, $100 to their name and a heart full of hope. Helena was 28, Taras 35, Bazyli 9 and Marja 4.


They settled in the Forest Gate area about 45 kilometers north of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan where they homesteaded and built a mixed farm.  Taras' sons followed their dad's footsteps and become farmers.


Political and economic conditions in the Ukraine were bleak and Canada was advertising, "free farms" in the "free world". They arrived in Halifax on June 8, 1929 after eight likely punishing days.


Official records describe the family as of Polish nationality and of Ukrainian descent. Taras records his brother Andrzej Czychowski as his nearest relative in Zdolbunow. They left the Ukraine during a wave of Ukrainian immigration to Canada (55,000 in ten years) for the chance to build a new life. Immigrants were offered the opportunity to homestead in the prairies and could be granted title to a quarter section of farmland under the Canada Homestead Act if they paid a $10 application fee, cultivated at least 30 acres during the first three years and accepted Canadian citizenship.



The Moberly's hail from Steeple Aston, in England. Captain John brought the family to Canada in 1832 when he retired form the Royal Navy (Great Britain). The family settled in Ontario.

  The Captain had several children, the first being Henry John. who became a fur trader of renown and Walter who rose to fame as a surveyor for Sir John A MacDonald's railway.

The Moberly lineage can be traced back to Medieval England to Augustine de Brethem Moberly.

While most Moberlys have been quite ordinary, salt-of-the-earth folks, we've had our fair share of historical heroes.  Raufe was Lord of Town of Mobberley.  His son Augustine accompanied Richard the Lionheart on the Third Crusade.  Moberlys built St. Wilfred's Church.  Three generations of Moberlys were merchants in St. Petersburg, Russia.  Captain John Moberly, after a distinguished career in the British Royal Navy, emigrated to Canada and played instrumental roles in Canadian business and civic politics. Two of his sons, Henry John and Walter played instrumental roles in opening up Western Canada.  Moberlys have been farmers, labourers, mechanics and waiters, as well as doctors, lawyers, engineers, accountants, ambassadors, knights, and bishops.  Mostly, we've just been good citizens abiding by the laws of our respective counties.

Over the next year, with help of many friends and family members (one terrific resource has been my newly-found cousin Peter Guy Moberly Mott living in Australia) we will tell the Moberly's story.  I hope you will enjoy it.  If you have any information on the Moberly family name or if you find errors in my research, please contact me at

The surname Moberly is thought to be derived from the residents of the Parish of Mobberley in County Chester, England.

Patrick de Mobberly: Cheshire England
                    Founded Order of St. Augustine in 1206
                    Moberly Church and Priory

Augustine de Brethete: born 1155
Married _____
   Children:    John, Lord of the Moirity of Mobberly
                    (circa 1200)

John de Mobberley: Lord of Moiety of Mobberley 1185
     Children:    Raufe

Raufe de Mobberley: Lord of Mobberley Born 1213
                     William: Lord of Mobberley

William de Mobberley: Lord of Mobberley Born 1230
     Children:    William

William: Lord of Mobberley 1286
     Children: Sir Edward

William de Moberly: Sherrif of Chesire in 1319

Augustine de Brethenate: rode with Richard the Lionheart in the Third Crusade

Sir. Edward:
Married _____
   Children:    William; married Phoebe Lovejoy

William: Born 1662 in Cheshire, England
Married Phoebe Lovejoy
   Children:    John

John, Sr: Born 1677
Married _____
   Children:    Johnathon

Johnathon: Born 1677
Married _____
   Children:    John


John, born 1727
Married _____
   Children:    Richard

Katherine de Mobberley

Richard, born 1725
Married Jane Adams
   Children:    Edward  1759

Edward, born 1759 in Knutsford, Cheshire, England
Married Sarah Cayley
   Children:    Captain John  1788
                     Harriet: died in infancy
                     Charles: Married Mary Porter
                     Francis: Married Robert Cattley
                     Henry: Married Henrietta Bell
                     William: Married Anna Prescott
                     Edward:married Harriet Simpson
                     Emily: married Rev Henry Bennett
                     Thomas: married Dorothea Closson
                     George: b 1803. Bishop of Salisbury.Married Mary Ann Crokat

Captain John, born in 1788, St. Petersburg, Russia.  Married Maria Foch
Henry John    1935
Mary             1929
George          1830
Walter           1832 08 15 Steeple Oxfordshire, GB
Clarence        1838
Arthur            1840
Sophie           1843
Frank             1845 Barrie Ontario
Emma             1847


Henry John, born in Penetanguishine, Ontario on July 2, 1835.

Married Suzanne Cardinal (Kwaragkwante)
   Children:    John              1861
                     Ewan            1860

Married Marie _______
   Children:    Emma            1863
                    George           1867

Married Francoise LaFleur
   Children:    Frank             1872
                     Alice              1874
                     Walter            1876
                     George           1879
                     Annie              1881
                     Fanny              1883
                     Katie               1885
                     Dollie              1894


George Allen: b 27 May, 1879. Married Aurora Tait 23 March 1908.
   Children:    Harry    1911
                    Una       1915
                    Frances 1920
                    Robert   1921
                    Kenneth 1927
                    Russell   1928

Russell Frank:b 1928
   Children     Grant     1953
                     Cheryl    1956

Grant Allen:b 1953
Married Shirley Wait 1973
   Children:    Rachelle        1973

Married Armande Perreault 1978
   Children     Vanessa        1974
                     Matthew       1982
                     Paris (step)



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