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The Czychowski / Moberly Family History



The Czychowski's emigrated from the Ukraine leaving via Danzig on May 29, 1929 aboard the SS Polonia. Helena, Taras, Bill and Marie had a paid passage, $100 to their name and a heart full of hope. Helena was 28, Taras 35, Bazyli 9, and Marja 4.


Political and economic conditions in the Ukraine were bleak and Canada was advertising, "free farms" in the "free world". They arrived in Halifax on June 8, 1929 after eight likely punishing days.


Official records describe the family as of Polish nationality and of Ukrainian descent. Taras records his brother Andrzej Czychowski as his nearest relative in Zdolbunow. They left the Ukraine during a wave of Ukrainian immigration to Canada (55,000 in ten years) for the chance to build a new life. Immigrants were offered the opportunity to homestead in the prairies and could be granted title to a quarter section of farmland under the Canada Homestead Act if they paid a $10 application fee, cultivated at least 30 acres during the first three years and accepted Canadian citizenship.

The family homesteaded about thirty kilometers north of Prince Albert, arriving just in time to experience the Great Depression and the prairie dust bowl. Still, the family built a home, a farm, a life and a  future. Nadia was born on August 6, 1930 soon followed by Nick.






The Czychowski's in front of the home that Taras built.

The S.S. Polonia sailed into Halifax June 8, 1929.

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