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Henry John Moberly was born in Penetanguishene, Ontario on August 2, 1835 to John and Mary Moberly, recently immigrated from England.  HJ attended Upper Canada College as a reluctant student and eventually took a position with a London insurance company in St. Petersburg, Russia (following a family tradition).  He quickly tired of the insurance business, returned to Canada, and took a position with the Hudson's Bay Company (HBC) at Lake Huron and progressed with the HBC through Norway House and the Saskatchewan River System and Rocky Mountain House, and finally, into the Peace River area, leaving the HBC in 1861 to join his brother, Walter in Fort George (Prince George, BC).  HJ again joined the HBC in Nechako for three years. 

His next adventure was panning for gold ... and he quickly tired of it and worked for his brother , Walter for a while who was building a road from Quesnel to Barkerville (BC). He left his employment to become a free trader (at Moberly Lake, named after him). 

HJ married at least twice, first to Marie in 1862; offspring Emma and George, then to Francoise La Fleur in 1871; offspring Frank, Alice, Walter, George, Annie, Fannie, and Katie Moberly.  Some accounts have Henry J Moberly marrying Suzan Cardinal (Kwarakwante) circa 1858 who bore Ewan Moberly of Jasper fame.

Historical records have HJ at Lac La Biche from 1856 to 1858.  The marriage timeline places HJ in Jasper House from 1858 to 1861, where he clerked for his brother, traveled to the the Klondike and other points north and married Marie (last name unknown), bearing four children, then returning to the HBC.  In 1870 HJ established a Hudson's Bay post where Fort McMurray is now and married Francois La Fleur and bore my grandfather, George Allen Moberly, and at least five other children.  Prolific gent, he found the time to write  at least one book, When Fur Was King .

HJ died July 9, 1931 near Prince Albert.  In his lifetime he lamented that he, "had the melancholy satisfaction of hunting ... the last wood buffalo".

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Henry John Moberly
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