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Mary MacIsaac


Mary MacIsaac is 111 years old in 2005.  She and her husband, Jack, were friends of my Grandfather, George.  Jack was a lawyer and given my Grandfather's robust ways, Jack may have been his legal counsel at some time. 

I met Mrs. MacIsaac at Emma Lake during the summer of 1983.  I was renovating Dr. Gaudet's cabin at Macintosh Point.  Edmour (Dr. Gaudet) was busy at his dental practice that day, but his wife, Therese, traveled to the lake to supervise my work.  The Dr. wanted to have a picture window installed facing Emma Lake.  I scanned the job and came up with a plan.  Therese was visiting with her niece, Armande (my then wife), while I arranged my tools and materials.  The wall of the cabin that the window was to be installed in was framed with two by fours and clad with old boards.  I needed to cut out some of the two by fours, frame the window, install a header and some cripples, and place the window.  I advised Mrs. Gaudet (Therese) of my plan and she agreed that it seemed sound.  Given the nature of the work I felt that that I needed an appropriate power tool!  I traced out the cut-out in the wall, cut out the unnecessary studs, installed the window framing and header, then fired up my chain saw to remove the offending sheathing and siding.  The chain saw was a powerful but noisy, two-cycle gas powered time-saver that sounded like an old tractor and spewed considerable oil-smoke.  I sawed out the window opening ... the noise and smoke was impressive.  When I made the last cut, the sheathing and siding crashed to the ground outside the cabin (on the deck) just as I had planned.  I stopped the saw and went to put it away and noted that Therese (through the chain-saw oil-smoke) was standing in the middle of the room with a look of terror on her face ... hands clasped over her ears ... possibly praying for divine intervention. 

During a trip to my truck for more supplies a spry elderly lady in the cabin next door (Mrs. MacIsaac) intercepted me and asked if I was available to help with her renovations.  She had recently installed indoor plumbing and no longer needed her outdoor privy.  I sized up the job ... approached the redundant privy and simply pushed in down in a clatter of dust and old, broken boards.  In the ensuing conversation she learned my family name and proceeded to tell me about my Grandfather, George ... that she and her husband knew him.   So much for six degrees of separation!

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