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I have compiled the Moberly Family lineage from stories that I have been told by family members, resources on the internet, and with the kind help of Peter Guy Moberly Mott, my newly found cousin, living in Australia.  This website is a "work in progress" and I will publish every new piece of information that I can find on family members springing from the historical beginnings in England.  Please send me any information that you have on the Moberly family name ... photos, letters, stories, and children.

If you fit into the lineage anywhere or know of errors in my details, please email me at

Moberly HistoryMoberly LineageHenry John Moberly | George Allen Moberly | Walter Moberly
Moberly Lineage
1953 1928 1879 1835 1788 1759 1725 1700 1677 1657 1605 1585 1531     1155  
                                              Sir Edward  
              Captain John   Jane                            
          Henry John   Sarah                                
      George   Mary                                    
  Russell   Francoise                                        


1928 -

Russell Frank Moberly: 1928 - 1986
m. Nadia Nellie Czychowski: 1930? -


Grant Allen Moberly: 1953 -
m1. Shirley Wait
m2. Armande Perreault
m3. Jo-Ann Cleaver


Cheryl Kim Moberly: 1953 -
m. Gene Topham


George Allen Moberly: 1879 - 1964
m. Auroroa Eveline: 1905 - 1974?


Russell Frank Moberly: 1928 - 1986
m. Nadia Nellie Czychowski: 1930? -


Ewan Moberly
m. Madeleine Finley



Son: Mike m. Emcie              





Henry John: 1835 - 1931
m1. Susan Cardinal: ? - 1905
m2. Marie (last name unknown)
m3. Francoise La Fleur

Susan Cardinal was of Iroquois descent              


Adolphus was the son of Ewan b. 1887              

Emma: 1863 - 1878
Twins: ?
George: 1867 - 1870


Frank Arthur: 1872 - 1888
Alice mary Sarah: 1874 - ?
m. Hugh McKnight
Walter Wishaw: 1876 - 1957
m. Anne Lucrecia Tomlinson
George Allen Moberly: 1879 - 1964
m. Auroroa Eveline: 1905 - 1974?
Annie: 1881 - 1951
m. Angus McDonald
Fanny: 1883 - 1972
m. Walter Laurence George Gould
Katie Martha:1885 - ?
m. Eddie Austin Moore

George married Auroroa Eveline Tate 27 May1989

1789-1848 Captain John Moberly
m1. Maria Foch m. 17 July 1828

b. July 8, 1788 in St. Petersburg, Russia.  d. 15 Jan 1848 Canada.
b. 30 Mar 1806 m. 17 July 1828 d. 02 April 1879

    Mary 1829 - 1923
m. Sir Harford Jones Brydges
Mary was born in Sowerby, Yorkshire
    George: 1830 - 1916
m. Fanny O'Brien
George was born in Sowerby, Yorkshire
    Walter: 1832 - 1915
m. Blanche Compigne
Walter was born in Steeple Ashton, Oxforshire
    Henry John: 1835 - 1931
m. Susan Cardinal
m. Marie (last name unknown)
m. Francoise La Fleur
Henry John was born in Penetanguishene

    Clarence: 1838 - 1902 Clarence was born in Penetanguishene        
    Arthur: 1840 - 1879
m. Caroline Bouchier
Arthur was born in Penetanguishene        
    Sophia: 1843 - 1844 Sophia was born in Penetanguishene?        
    Frank: 1845 - 1925
m. Georgina McIntyre
m. Mary McIntyre
Frank was born in Barrie

    Emma: 1847 - 1935 Emma was born in Barrie        

Lineage Resource


First records of the Moberly family name. Descendants of William The Conquerer. (Modburleigh) (Modburlegh) (Mobberley) (Mobley)


First records of the sequential appearance of the de Mobberley family name


- Augustine de Brethm Mobberley b1118




- Raufe de Mobberley: owned the village of Mobberley


- Augustine de Brethonate b1155 Fought in the Third Crusade with Richard the Lionheart.


- John de Mobberley b 1183


- Ralph de Mobberley: Lord of Mobberley: b~1200 (built the present church of St. WIlfred's


William de Mobberley: Lord of Mobberley b1230 d 1307

            William de MobberleyII. Lord of Mobberley b1255 d 1327

- Patrick de Mobberley: Given 1/2 of Mobberlely by Augustine.  Founded an Augustine Priory near St. Wilfreds Church.


- William de Mobberley (became the ancestor of the Moberly line)


- Sir Edward Moberley (b1531 Yorkshire) d ~1587

            - William Moberley (b1585 Sheffield)

- John Moberly (b1605 Cheshire)


- John Moberly Sr. (b 1657 Cheshire, emigrated to the US)


- Johnathon Moberly b1677


- John Moberly d 1727


- Richard Moberly b1725 Russia d 1804


  + Jane Adams b1737 Russia d 1804


+ Edward Moberly b 1759 Knutsford Cheshire d1847
  m. Sarah Cayley


-John Moberly, Captain RN b 08 Jul 1788 at ST.Petersburg Russia d. 15 Jan 1848 at CANADA


+Mary Fock b. 30 Mar 1806, m. 17 Jul 1828, d. 02 Apr 1879


- Henry John Moberly b. 02 Jul 1835, d. 14 Jul 1931


+ Francoise La Fleur b 05Sep1853 m 10 Sep 1871


-George Allen Moberly , 27May1989


+Auroroa Eveline Tate b1905 m. 23 Mar 1908


-Russell Frank Moberly b1928


+Nadia Nellie Czychowski


-Grant Allen Moberly b 1953


  + Shirley Wait


-Rachelle Moberly


  + Armande Perreault


-Paris Brinkman


+ Dean Lato

                              Camryn Lato

Chase Lato

                                    -Vanessa Moberly
                                    -Matthew Moberly

-Cheryl Kim Moberly b 1957


  + Gene Topham

                                    -Joey Topham
                                    -Jill Topham
                                    -Jolene Topham
                                      Ty Topham
                                      Ein Topham

-Harriet: died in infancy


- Charles: married Mary Porter and later Conelia Wilks


- Frances: married Robert Cattley


- Henry: a lieutenant-colonel in the army, married Henrietta BELL and later Harriet SHORTLAND


- William: married Anna PRESCOTT


- Edward: died in infancy


- Harriet: married Thomas HARVEY


- Edward: a merchant in Odessa, Russia, married Harriet SIMPSON


- Emily: married Reverend Henry Bennet


- Thomas: (no information)


- George: Headmaster of Winchester College, Bishop of Salisbury, married Mary Anne CROKAT


- Arthur: (no information)


Joseph Mobberly: married Ruth Mobberly  Joseph b 28 Feb 1871
                 Son: John Harold Moberly b 24 June 1890

Frank Moberly
                Son: Bernard Erie Moberly b 13 July 1879


Not traced

Guy Moberly: b 3 April 1969  Mother Marjorie Moberly

William Watson Moberly b 20 July 1874




    Edward MOBERLY was born in 1759 at Knutsford, Cheshire, the son of Richard and Jane (ADAMS). He was a merchant in St Petersburg, Russia where he married Sarah CAYLEY (the daughter of the Consul-General). When war endangered St Petersburg, the family returned to live in Ham, England, but in 1814 things seemed safer, so Edward and Sarah and their daughters returned to Russia, leaving the boys at school in England. By 1820 Edward was the British Consul in St Petersburg. Their children were:
  Moberly Peak