G.Mo Family Photos  2005






2004 was an incredible year! In January, I left the financial group where I had been employed for three years to open the professional accounting and tax practice of Grant Moberly, CGA. in my home office.  In April, I opened an office on Horton Road (small, but adequate.)  I had the good fortune to have many of my former clients find me and was busy through the tax season.  I took the summer off to spend time with my Mom, kids, and relatives, and to be involved in Jennifer's wedding in Tofino. 

Vacationing began in June, with a trip to Prince Albert and Saskatoon to visit my family, then off to Vancouver to visit Mary, then back to Prince Albert and Saskatoon in July.  In August, we traveled to Tofino for Jennifer's wedding, then I went to Saskatoon and Prince Albert, again to visit family, returning to my practice on August 16th.  Nose to the grindstone for three months, then we went to Florida and Key West for a break.  In December, I moved to a larger office in the same building. 

Life is great!

The photo journal of our year may be accessed by clicking on Summer in PA | Jenny & Hans Wedding | Miami & Key West | Christmas | CESA.  You may click on the "thumbnail" photos to view an enlarged version.